Today’s tribute goes out to Mad Mark, aka Marky Too Fast, aka The Racing Wine God, aka Trumpet Master Mark, aka Mark Morrow!

The Legend – Today’s tribute goes out to a man who has nearly thirty years in the wine industry and 40 plus years on two wheels. He has been around the world exploring wines a few times as a wine retailer and wholesale distributer. He has won 16-SIXTEEN- that’s 10+8! – national championships in motorcycle road racing and was the WERA V3 National Champion in 2014! In 2015 he landed a hat trick and won Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-small-product-image-1-117Formula 500, V3, and Formula 2 Stroke! He now runs with the Number 1 plate on his motorcycle in all three classes of motorcycle road racing. He is considered by many to be a walking wine encyclopedia, a trumpeter, and a Championship Motorcycle Racer! Mark Marrow continues to both race motorcycles and represent a very fine wine list from the Fine Wine Trading Company in Raleigh, North Carolina. So if you are looking for some great new wines for your establishment you can trust me when I say he is one of my favorite wine reps. So without any further ramblings…Mark Marrow, everybody!

Born: Syracuse NY

Sign: Leo

Favorite Band: Pink Floyd

Interesting Fact: Mark has played the National Anthem on his trumpet at sporting

Hobbies: Lots of hobbies, he has been accused of being a “Jack of all trades…. but he has mastered a few trades, like his wife, his music, his motorcycle, and his wine.


The Wine: Mark could not come up with a favorite wine, stating “Choosing one would be like asking a mother to choose a favorite child.” I did not understand this, so I called my mother and asked her which of Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-170her sons was her favorite. She responded with, “That’s easy, you are, Eric!” So I called Mark back and told him he had to choose. He replied that he currently favors an extraordinarily friendly white wine called Tenshen which is made by Joe Tensley. Joe Tensley is one of those ruffian Rhone Rangers (see paragraph below about Rhone Rangers) in Santa Barbara, California. Mark says his favorite time to pop a cork on this off dry, refreshing bottle of fermented grape juice is just after a hard race (I imagine that any motorcycle race is Bob_at_Easelhard). He recommends that you try this wine on the back porch, after mowing your lawn, or simply while watching Bob Ross painting on Netflix.


-What is a Rhone Ranger-

Well, just like the Lone Ranger, the Rhone Rangers are a group of folks….wait, the Lone Ranger was alone-ish, right? He was, but this group of folks ventured out on their own to bring Rhone style wines to America. So they were Lone Rangers of sorts. So what is a Rhone style of wine, you ask? The Rhone region of France, (most often seen on a bottle as “ Cotes du Rhone”) is a wine appellation in the southern region of France and is home to the famous Chateauneuf-du-pape wines–pronounced Chat-oh-noof-du-popTansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-171. These wines are made using a blend of up to 12 different allowed grape varietals grown in the Rhone region. The most popular and well known of these varietals are Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre for reds, and Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne grapes for white wines. The red wines are known to be very masculine in style with tobacco, smoked meat, and dark fruit characteristics. The whites are often known to have very floral and flower shop-like characteristics. The Rhone Rangers are a not-for-profit organization that aims to bring Rhone style varietals and awareness of such styles to California, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Idaho, and Michigan. Now, there is no excuse as to why you can’t find a Rhone Ranger wine somewhere near you. So go to your local wine shop and ask the wine associate to pick one out for you, and give it a try.


Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-168Mark Morrow’s review of Tenshen – “This wine is one of my favorite
“relax” wines and has a very thirst quenching, “off dry” profile with some really interesting stone fruit notes. Heady aromas of peach and apricot balanced with fresh cut flowers leads to a rich mouth feel and just a hint of freshly baked sugar cookies on the finish. DELISH!”

Where you can find Tenshen ?

Bottle Mixx in Raleigh, ask for Jack Hicks – http://www.bottlemixx.comBOTTLE MIXXWine 101 in Wake Forest, ask for Liz Chambers –


RACING PHOTOS BY http://www.highsidephoto.comHIGH SIDE