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More and more men are catching the wine fever every year. Today, men make up a whopping 41% of the wine market! So what gift do you get for that manly wine lover in your life? I happen to have stock in this post because, well, I’m a man, and I like wine–a lot. These are my top wine gifts for men.

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Wine & Spirits Decanters


A good wine decanter and/or spirits decanter make a great wine gift for your man. Decanters make for a very memorable gift. They are not just a showpiece for his bar, they also serve a very important purpose for his finest spirits. Every man wants one, or two, but would never buy one for himself. You can even have them engraved to make them more special. For wine decanters my top choices are the duck and the fat-bottomed girl. For spirit decanters try this whiskey decanter or this decanter set to really set your bar apart. For more information on decanters read our article all about decanters and decanting wines.  






Riedel Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are very important and can make a $10 bottle of wine taste more like an $18 bottle. Riedel wine glasses are the absolute best in the business and would make a fantastic wine gift for your man. I recommend getting a set of these red glasses or even one of these professional glasses if he is a real connoisseur. This nicely priced all purpose set is another great option if he enjoys red, white and sparkling. Whichever you choose, each would be a great gift that any wine guy will enjoy immensely, but wouldn’t necessarily enjoy buying for himself.




A good wine book

To really know wine, you must both drink and read constantly. There are so many great wine books out there. There are exciting historical books like Wine and War, which is all about WWII and how the wine makers and the wines themselves survived the war. If you like biographical accounts, then The House of Mondavi is a particularly fascinating read, detailing the rise of one of the most famous Napa families. (We actually listened to that one on a road trip using Audible, which is a really fun way to “read” something together. Click here for a free trial and two free audiobooks!) Or wine-based fiction like The Vintage Caper which is a tale about a white collar wine crime and a wine detective, with scintillating descriptions of wine and food scattered throughout–this book makes you hungry! Some wine books are all about wine theory and are helpful for quick referencing, but also serve as eye candy for a bar or man cave. Books like The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert or the Whiskey Know-It-All version. (If your man loves both wine and whiskey, there is a scratch and sniff set!) Another cool kid reference guide is Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine. You really can’t go wrong with any of these!





Wine Tools

Wine tools are a lot like wine. They can be very simple or they can be very complex, but either way they are made for the same purpose: opening that precious bottle of wine. This is yet another great wine gift for men because again, while a man may not want to go shopping for a wine tool, every man does enjoy opening the bottle of wine. There is just a satisfying sense of accomplishment that one gets when you successfully pop that cork…A personal wine tool just adds to that satisfaction. For a classy yet simple tool try this rosewood and steel wine key, and for a more complex tool try this cordless electric bottle opener.





A private wine class for him and up to ten of his friends

If you live in the Triangle of NC (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), Fayetteville or any town in between, you can hire me, Tansey, for a private wine class. My classes are designed to be very fun and engaging, with lots of intriguing but informative material. We include five different wines paired with appropriate snacks. The cost for the class is $225 and is hosted by a Certified Specialist of Wine and Sommelier, Eric Tansey. This class, like this gift list, is not entirely “dude specific”; it is a gift for both of you, and up to eight of your friends!



This could actually be the perfect wine gift for that wine guy in your life, as there are several options for the class. Wine 101 covers a variety of “must know” information about wine–trust me, after this class you will be able to taste wine like a connoisseur. I also do region specific classes or varietal specific classes. Book your class today by calling 744-4review (744-473-8439).



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Other gift ideas

Men will also enjoy any of these spirits related gifts. Check them out and remember if you ever have any questions, you can email us at or simply call us at 744-473-8439

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