Tansey’s Top Five Wines of 2016

We launched this venture in July of 2016. That was only six months ago! And we have gained much more of a following than we ever imagined. Our goal was to reach 1,000 followers by July of 2017. As of January, 2017 we are proud to say that we have 5,633 followers with over 16,500 page views! To celebrate, we have decided to unleash the Tansey’s Top Five Wines of 2016 List.

Listed below are our top five wines of 2016. All wines on Tanseyreviews.com are tasted 100%, blind to insure that no biased opinions are formed. Remember that I am one man’s palate and these are simply my choices. There is a time and place for all wines…it is up to you to find them. So enjoy this list and as always, we love to hear from you, so leave a comment below. Also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier 


NUMBER FIVE, Eroica Dry Riesling 2013

Eroica Riesling Coming in at number five on the Tansey’s Top Five wines of 2016 list is Eroica 2013 Riesling What an absolute treat this wine was to taste blindly. The wine tapped into so many nostalgic memories. From pool toys in the summer as a kid, to standing at the plate and waiting for that deadly curve ball. Eroica has a  great story, killer price, and is a delicious and refreshing wine. My wife found this wine at the local Lowes Grocery store and paid $19.99, a great value for a Riesling that could easily rival some of the best. Click here for full review. 


NUMBER FOUR, Chiare Blanc de Blanc

Chiare Blanc de Blanc large

Number four on the Tansey’s Top Five Wines of 2016 List is the Chaire Blanc de Blanc.  Sparkling wine is a difficult venture. You must have outstanding grapes that have very specific levels of acidity and sugar, the winemaking process is long and tedious and the glassware used to bottle the bubbles is a tad bit more expensive than traditional wine bottles. So producing outstanding quality at lower price points is not always an easy task. Somehow Chiare was able to pull this off with this amazing bottle of bubbles! Ashleigh found this wine for us at our local ALDI grocery at an amazing price of only $11.99. If you enjoy sparkling… you must add this to your list. Cheers! Click Here for full review.

NUMBER THREE, Pullus Pinot Grigo from Stajerskra Slovenija

Pullus Pinot Grigio small

Now we are down to the top three wines on of the 2016 Tansey’s Top Five wine awards! Pullus Pinot Grigio from Stajerskra Slovenia . This wine may be third overall but it is number one in the cool points category. Pinot Grigio is not well known for an abundance of flavor or complexity when it comes to other white wine varietals. In fact, Pinot Grigio is one of the most neutral and boring white wine grape varietals out there, making it very inexpensive and easy to consume. However this Pinot Grigio is different. This wine is a definite conversation piece amongst wine enthusiasts; from its unconventional color to its powerful aromas and layered complexities, this wine demands a seat among the top contenders. This wine was purchased for $16.99 at one of the coolest wine shops in all of the Carolinas. Peabody’s in Boone NC.  Click Here for full review. Cheers!

NUMBER TWO, Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon

Number two on the Tansey’s Top Five Wines of 2016 isn’t just a cool piece of art to drool over, it also has a nice personality. Yes, much like my wife, this bottle of wine is just as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside. Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon comes with gorgeous bottle art by  Brooklyn street artist, Zimer. Intrinsic also comes with wine that was made in a method that is innovative and new with high quality grapes from Columbia Valley, Washington. Winemaker Juan Muñoz Oca , along with Chateau St. Michelle, knocks this one out of the park. Ashleigh picked this hot date up at the Lowes Grocery and it can also be found at Total Wine for $22.99. This is a wine that can win both the hearts and the minds. Click here for full review. Cheers!


NUMBER ONE, Cline Ancient Vine Mourvedre

Cline Ancient Vine Mourvedre

We have finally reached the number one wine on the Tansey’s Top Five Wines of 2016 list! This wine brought the thunder in every way.  The Cline Ancient Vines Mourvedre uses sustainable farming techniques to produce this wild, full bodied red wine that is chock full of complex, yet easy to identify, taste characteristics. Not only is the varietal used in the making of this wine a grape that is found off the beaten path, but the farming methods are unique as well, giving you a wine to talk about. What an absolute crowd pleaser and to imagine that Ashleigh found this wine for only $16.99. I am blown away!  If you want to know what a $50 bottle at $17 tastes like, then you must seek this wine out. Ashleigh found this wine at  Peabody’s in Boone, NC and Total Wine Raleigh, NC. Click here for full review. Cheers! 

The Most Visited Wine Review of 2016


The most viewed wine award for 2016 goes to Butter Chardonnay. This wine was viewed a grand total of 712 times since the review was published. Click here for the full review.


 The Most User Reviews

1000 Stories small

This wine has been reviewed by the most visitors to our site. It only had two user reviews but the people had very good things to say about the 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel. We hope to get more reviews from our fan base in 2017…so what are you waiting for! Find a wine that you like or do not like on the site and leave us your review about it. It’s easy–just scroll to the bottom of the review, fill in the stars, leave a quick comment, and BAM! You are officially a wine reviewer. Cheers!


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We hope that you have enjoyed Tansey’s Top Five Wines of 2016 List. Click here to see Tansey’s Top Five Beers of 2016 List. Remember to leave us a comment below, rather you agree or disagree with our list, we love to hear from you! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you would like to have a wine reviewed please email Ashleigh Tansey at Ashleigh.tansey@gmail.com