So. Be honest. Do you have your Valentine’s Day planned yet?

Got that reservation in? Got that present all wrapped up? Got a trail of rose petals leading to a box of chocolates?

Whatever your plans are, don’t forget the wine! Wine is practically synonymous with Valentine’s Day. It loosens you up, makes the evening romantic, compliments your meal and goes very well with chocolate. And for the record, I’ll take a good bottle of wine over a bouquet of roses any day.

Note: So you prefer beer over wine? That’s cool. But really, we’re thinking traditional here today. And traditional V-day drink is WINE.

We’ve compiled a quick little list of wines that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in the mood for red, white, pink or sparkling, we have you covered. Heck, you could do all three! (Think sparkling for an aperitif, white wine with a first course, red wine with the second. Or whatever you want–we don’t judge.) Here we include two wines from each category.

We picked these for their deliciousness, their appropriateness to the occasion, and, no lie, prettiness of the bottle. Enjoy, and drop us a comment if you end up trying any of them!

1. Baileyana Firepeak Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has a reputation for being a tad sensuous, and this bottle certainly has us all hot and bothered. Both wine and label and beautiful and seductive, and would be great paired with a chocolate tart for dessert.

“Soft velvety tannins and low acidity, along with the fresh cherry characteristics, makes this wine as soft as a baby’s tush. The mid palate is full of spices like tarragon and sage, blended together magically. The Firepeak Pinot Noir delivers a soft finish that lingers for a minute, leaving hints of cherry and vanilla clinging to the breath.” Full review here.

2. Red Dress Primitivo

This wine is on the heavier, fruitier side thanks to the varietal–Primitivo/Zinfandel. The name “Red Dress” certainly reminds us of Valentine’s Day, and its rose petal aromas put us all the way into the mood…Try it with a juicy steak.

“Powerful aromas that remind me of a chocolate cover pretzel that you might dip into some wild berry jam. On the palate there are plenty of fruit characteristics to be identified. Red and black fruit with even a touch of blueberry…a little crushed rose petal, which reminds me of Italy even though this is Sonoma.” Full review here.

3. Cupcake Prosecco

Yes, this is an easy-to-find grocery store bottle of prosecco, not champagne. But it is damn tasty stuff! The bubbles are delightful, the palate is fun and fresh. The sweet name will go well with your sweet love–and, incidentally, it would taste great with an actual cupcake. Or bruschetta. Your choice.

“On the palate the wine is…fun and refreshing. Just a hint of sweet to cut the bright acidity. This is a perfect pool, beach, or lake wine. Big soft green pear, and a hint of sweet apple.” Full review here.

4. Chiare Blanc de Blanc

Now this is some bubbly that we can get behind! Hailing from California, this Blanc de Blanc has everything you want in a sparkling wine. It looks so impressive on a dining table, you’ll want to kiss it. Try it with a cheese platter or blackened salmon with blue cheese sauce.

“Moderate plus aromas of red apple and underripe strawberry. On the palate, the Chiare Blanc de Blanc is crisp and fruity (not sweet) with a light to medium bodied mouthfeel. Frothy, fat bubbles that are as festive as they are elegant.” Full review here.

5. LoveBlock Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is a total V-day winner. It’s light and delicious with a charming, pretty little label featuring a bouquet of flowers. The name even has the word “love” in it! I mean seriously. Pair with a goat cheese salad, or some sweet potato bacon pasta.

“Inviting and lush aromas of honey, ripe tangerine, and peach. Gold in color, the wine is so bright and laced with a hue so golden that one would expect to be rich after just seeing it…Light to medium body with white peach, lemon and lime, and a touch of pineapple on the finish.” Full review here.

6. The Magician Riesling

Highly rated by Tansey and others, this riesling brings some serious sweetness, delightfully balanced by freshness and acidity. It’s just peachy, and tastes peachy, too. The label is a little funky, as all Sleight of Hand labels are, but has a kind of exotic allure to it. Try this chilled in a hot tub, the perfect end to your romantic night. Wink, wink.

“Powerful aromas of white flowers, peaches, and citrus, with a little pool toy (petrol) added into the mix. The aromas really get your glands salivating, indicating the high acidity in the glass…fresh green apple, pear and lemon…with subtle white peach on the mid-palate.” Full review here.

Bonus: Bella Luna Dry Rosé

If you haven’t jumped on the dry rose bandwagon, tonight is the night. Pink, but not sweet–this is a far cry from White Zinfandel!–these wines have just the right amount of body, plus a fragrant nose and delicious palate. This one even has a slightly effervescent quality that just tickles the tongue and makes it a perfect pairing for tons of different food, from charcuterie to creme brûlée. You’ll be blushing all night.

“Raspberry and earthy terroir coat the palate as the zippy-ness of this rather unique wine brings a huge, refreshing smile to my face.” Full review here.


Well we hope this list as got you thinking about Valentine’s Day! Hit us up with questions, comments, suggestions, whatever. And have a lovely time!