This is not a sponsored blog and Scro’s Roofing did not ask me to write this. In fact, Scro’s did not ask me for anything.

On October 8th 2016, a category 5 hurricane moved through the Atlantic causing catastrophic damage and flooding from Haiti, all the way up to North Carolina. Several houses were flattened or damaged, towns were flooded, and power outages lasted weeks.

Lucky for our family, we only suffered minor setbacks from the storm. We had three holes punctured in our roof from a large limb that had fallen from an oak tree, and we lost a few trees in the yard that thankfully did not hit the house.

After the power was restored, and a few days after the storm, I contacted my mortgage company to report the damage. The mortgage company asked me to call my homeowners insurance company. They even provided me with the policy number to save me some time.

I called the insurance company and they stated that I no longer had homeowner’s insurance because during my refinance the previous June, “an agree to rate form was not signed.”  The insurance company stated that they sent a letter to the new mortgage company but never received a confirmation from them. So without contacting me, they cancelled the policy and refunded my payment of $1800 to the escrow account.Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-94

I called the mortgage company, who had no records of such happenings. They told me to call the insurance company back and inform them that there was no record of the cancellation. The insurance company maintained their original story.

They said that they had sent a letter to a different mortgage company, not knowing that it had folded into the current company. The current mortgage company had no records of these letters.

So after months of going back and forth, and with three holes still in my roof, I contacted the banking commission. Soon, the president of the mortgage company contacted me personally and stated that he would get to the bottom of the situation. He told me that in the meantime I should get three quotes for the damaged roof and that they would take care of the rest. So I began my search for quotes.

I contacted three companies, two of which stated that we needed a new roof, period. The other company said they could do a repair but they wouldn’t warranty it because they couldn’t match the shingles–our roof was just too old for a repair warranty.

The mortgage company called me back and said that they found the refund from the insurance company and they couldn’t believe that I went four months without any homeowner insurance. They apologized for not catching it.

The mortgage company then stated that there was a refund to the escrow account. They stated that because they send out monthly statements, I should have noticed the $1800 refund. Of course, they also said that they, too, should have caught the error. In the end, he stated that he could give me a couple hundred dollars to repair the $6,000 roof.

In March 2017, Danny from Scro’s Roofing contacted me (my fourth quote) and asked if he could come look at my roof. He and his crew showed up, walked around, took pictures, and then stated that I needed to replace the entire roof. I explained to him that I had only a few hundred dollars from the mortgage company to do a quick repair.Tansey-reviews-Sro's-Roofing-Plate

Danny, not new to the roofing business, stated that my homeowners insurance should cover it and that mortgage companies did not normally get involved. I told him the story and he was taken aback. He asked me lots of questions.

He asked what insurance company I had and then asked if I was a veteran (since the insurance company was a veteran specific company). I told him I was, that I had served for seven years and was currently a police officer.

I then explained that I had never missed a mortgage payment or insurance payment. I have always done things the right way and never used insurance for anything before. I thought it was crazy that now, when I needed it the most, they wouldn’t pay up.

Danny asked to see the damage from inside of the house. I took him into my two sons’ room to show him the largest leak. He said “I see you have kids.” I said “Yes, with another one on the way.” Danny said, “Wow, we need to get this fixed quickly then.” I agreed and he gave me some pamphlets and some prices. I told him I did not need pamphlets, all I needed was the cheapest option. He laughed and pointed me to the least expensive option.

After a few weeks, Danny contacted me back. He said “Hey man, I have thought a lot about you and your situation. Can I call the mortgage guy and talk to him?” I was surprised, but agreed. He called me back later that day and what he said next nearly knocked me off of my feet.

All he said was, “Eric, I am going to put a new roof on your house and Scro’s Roofing is going to pay for it.” I was speechless. Danny said that he spoke with the mortgage company and got them to agree to cover a quarter of the cost. Danny and his team would pay the rest.

I didn’t know what to say. He said that his assistant would email me some shingle designs and colors. He said that all I had to do was choose which one that I wanted. I received the email and noticed that he sent the most expensive options for a new roof.

I called his assistant and said that I had three pamphlets and the only email I got was for the most expensive option. She stated that Danny had told her to only send the most expensive option, so that I would only get the best from them. Again, I was speechless.

I chose the color and the design. Two weeks later Danny and his Scro’s Roofing Team were scraping old shingles off of my house. 24 hours later, I had a completely new roof!Scro's-Roofing-Scraping-Tansey-Reviews

During the project, Danny showed up several times to check on the project and to make sure my wife and I were happy with everything. He even called me after the first big rain and asked if we were dry and happy. Danny did all of this with handshakes and smiles. He did not request any applications or paperwork from me or the mortgage company.Tansey-reviews-Scro's-Roofing-Team

From the beginning, he told me, “Eric, the right thing needs to be done here. If nobody else is going to do it, then we will do it.”

I told Danny that it was not his responsibility and he did not have to do it. He replied, “It is my responsibility. I was raised to do the right thing no matter what. If these big cooperations want to find excuses for why they shouldn’t do the right thing…well, then small business owners like me have to pick up the slack and make sure it gets done.”

He shook my hand and said, “If you ever need anything, give us a call.”


Again, no one asked me to share this story. No one even asked for a review. But my wife and I feel so blessed by this awesome company, their professionalism, and their generosity, that we wanted to let everyone know.