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About TanseyReviews.com


Wine professionals, students, and connoisseurs: This site offers many answers to test questions and other key points that are important to know in the wine industry. If you are a rep, sales person, server, somm, or simply a connoisseur, this site has the information you are looking for. Feel free to comment, complain, argue, or praise my reviews. However, it is important to remember that I am just one man’s palate and by no means is my opinion the end-all-be-all to rating any beverage. Do not be afraid to be adventurous and form your own review!

Have you ever sat and stared at the endless labyrinth of beverages on the beer or wine aisle? Gazing at all those bottles, you say to yourself, “I only have $15 and I want to get the very best beverage for my money.” You notice a bottle that is on sale, and that it looks really cool, but is it worth the 15 bones? Now you can get absolutely blind, unbiased, and agenda-free ratings to help you make an educated decision–and you don’t have to depend on my rating alone! We provide instant access to other professional ratings and non-professional ratings too, and encourage you to eventually develop your own rating. You can buy your sip of liquid bliss with confidence.

About Team Tansey


How do we, and why do we, rate wine, beer and spirits? Great question! Here at Tansey Reviews we are a team of two personalities. (You can read about how we met right here.) My wife creates all of the delicious recipes seen here on the site, and takes care of all the booze in the cellar. She fields requests, locates the wine, beer, and spirits, takes note of where they came from and how much they cost, and photographs every bottle.

I then taste the beverage, unaware of the price, style, vendor, or even the shape of bottle that it comes in. I then rate it deductively by grading the aromas, complexity, balance, finish, and whether the beverage is, well, tasty or not. When you read about a beverage on Tansey Reviews, you are guaranteed an unbiased, agenda-free and entirely truthful review from a professional taster.

I have a full time career that is completely unrelated to beverages, but a passion for wine, beer, and spirits has been in my blood for almost ten years. I have earned the Certified Specialist of Wine diploma through the Society of Wine Educators and I am currently working through the Court of Master Sommelier program. I have taught many wine classes for several local wine shops and foodie groups. I continue to study and learn every day while maintaining a full time career, raising my two sons, and pampering my beautiful wife. After receiving several texts and emails daily asking for advice and recommendations, I decided to launch this one-stop web site to answer any questions that a wine, beer or spirit drinker might have. We are a Veteran owned and operated small family business dedicated to doing nothing more than bringing you absolute truth by reviewing all products with blind integrity. Cheers.