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What is a Ripasso? In order to answer this very simple yet seemingly complex question, we should start with, “What is Valpolicella”? Valpolicella is a viticultural zone in the Veneto region of Italy. It is also the name of the style of wine produced there. Yes, stay with me, it’s like Champagne in France. It […]

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Chardonnay Blind Tasting

 Chardonnay Blind Tasting   The Story Behind the Chardonnay Blind Tasting Video This Cardonnay Blind Tasting video was seven years in the making. It all started when I found my passion for wine after meeting my then-girlfriend, now beautiful wife. In 2013 I suffered a broken leg after taking an attempted murder suspect into custody. A […]

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Today’s tribute goes out to Mad Mark, aka Marky Too Fast, aka The Racing Wine God, aka Trumpet Master Mark, aka Mark Morrow! The Legend – Today’s tribute goes out to a man who has nearly thirty years in the wine industry and 40 plus years on two wheels. He has been around the world […]

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