Anew Riesling

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                  The Anew Riesling has powerful aromas of that classic “pool toy” or fresh garden hose characteristic so often found in great Rieslings, followed by subtle honey and nectarine. Just close your eyes and think about inflating your children’s pool floats and you will see what this classic petrol quality is all about.

This Anew Riesling is very similar to Eroica and is coincidentally from the same place. (Hmmm Washington Riesling may have it going on…) This wine is a project from Chateau St. Michelle and is geared towards female wine drinkers. This doesn’t mean it is not for men. It just simply means that it makes women very happy and if you’re a man you should strive towards making your woman happy every day, and this is a very inexpensive way to do just that.

The Anew Riesling  has a brand new rubber hose-esque taste to it but don’t panic, just try it. This is what makes good Riesling super cool, that pool tool/rubber hose characteristic. The wine transforms as it sits in the mouth. It starts out sweet and tangy with hints of underripe peach and nectarine, but it drys out toward the finish, leaving a puckered smile on your face. These are great wines to really please a varied crown. Even the most snobby of Wine-Os can appreciate a good Riesling, and these Washington Rieslings are really tasty. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 91 Points     

Wine Enthusiast – 88 Points for the 2016

Sweetness level

Selection – Anew Riesling 

Wine Maker – K.D. Organ

Region – Columbia Valley Washington

Vintage – 2012

Varietal – 100% Riesling 

Style/Method – Semi Dry white wine 

Alcohol – 11.5%

Food Pairings – Spicy Asian cuisine, Indian curry, sushi, lobster bisque  



More About This Wine

The Anew Riesling was created by Chateau St. Michelle and its target audience is women. Even from the label you can tell that it aims to target those “Target” shoppers who love these “new age” yoga-like designs. But why, I ask you, is there a target audience? It is a great wine, a well made wine that works with food but is also perfect for just sheer drinking pleasure.

I don’t get caught up in politics but I feel this wine label, and the proclaimed goals of the winery, only hurt my agenda to get you trying new things that you might not yet have experiences. I want people to see what real Riesling is all about, not just the sweet stuff you drank in your younger days, but the real quality stuff that is made from the queen of the white grapes.

The Anew Riesling is a classic example of good Riesling, but it targets a certain audience, making it harder for me to tell a dude, “Hey bro you gotta try this stuff. It’s not a sissy wine at all.” Bro would in turn reply, “Then why does it have such a girly yoga label?”

I am glad I had this blind and without seeing the label because it was a fun and enjoyable wine, all politics aside. My request to Chateau St. Michelle would be to make a dual label, maybe with a rubbery Rugby Ball since that is, after all, what the wine tastes like–much more than a yoga mat. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier

From the Winery

Anew Riesling offers an inviting balance of pure fruit flavor, expressive aromas and crisp acidity. The wine delivers aromas of ripe fruit and subtle spice with fresh peach flavors and a clean, refreshing finish. – K.D. Organ, Winemaker