Bacchus Cellars Ginger’s Cuvee

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier

Bacchus Cellars Ginger’s Cuvee is red with a slight reddish-brown hue that is rather dark for a Pinot Noir. Powerful aromas of red raspberry, cherry, Fig Newton and buttered popcorn Jelly Belly.

On the palate the Bacchus Cellars Ginger’s Cuvee is fruity and soft, with a medium to full body mouth feel. This wine is a stereotypical California Pinot Noir but is only half the price of some of its rivals.

Big fruit and heavy oak influence leave the wine with very little acidity and tannin, making it feel very soft on the palate. Big and luscious, yet soft and meek, this wine is an obvious crowd pleaser in today’s market. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 86 Points 

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The Break Down

Dryness Level

Wine Selection – Bacchus Cellars Ginger’s Cuvee

Producer – Bacchus Cellars, David Gordon-Wine Director, Tribeca Grill

Vintage – 2014

Varietal – Pinot Noir

Region – 85% Monterey, 15% Sonoma

Oak – 50% fermented in tank, 50% fermented in neutral oak and then aged 8 months in large neutral oak

Alcohol – 13.8%

Food Paring – Stuffed flounder, chicken, turkey, mild hard cheeses

The Story

This wine is a creation of David Gordon, Wine Director at the famous Tribeca Grille in New York City. Tribeca Grille is co-owned by actors Robert De Niro , and Lou Diamond Phillips, and restaurateur Drew Nieporent. The wine is created by anonymous winemakers that are sourcing grapes from Monterey and Sonoma counties in California specifically for Gordon and Tribeca Grille. I have never had the pleasure of dining at Tribeca Grille but as a wine lover and foodie, it is on my bucket list…. Cheers!