Tansey’s Blind Rating – 92 Points

Tansey’s Golden Jug Award ! 


Beer Selection – Beneath The Feet of Orion, Imperial Rye Saison

Producer – Haw River Farmhouse Ales

Region – Saxapahaw, North Carolina

Hops – unknown 

Malts – unknown

Yeast – Unknown

Alcohol – 8.2%



Review by Eric Tansey, CSW

Very dark yellow straw color, cloudy and mostly opaque beer with a white, two-finger head. The aromas are amazing and remind me of Christmas Eve. Sweet floral perfume, with ginger root, puréed carrots, and holiday spices. It’s like smelling a gingerbread man fresh out of the oven with sweet tarts as buttons. There are just so many nuances to this beer, it’s incredible. On the palate, the beer is light to medium bodied beer with very dry, earthy and ginger root characteristics. It’s like a ginger root grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Subtle, puréed carrots peek through on the mid palate as well as more complex notes that I won’t even try to decipher here, you will just have to comment below with the interesting qualities you discover. Very smooth and very well balanced beer that has a very long finish.This beer is great for the holiday season. Cheers!


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From the Brewery – We’re right in the center of town, in the dye building at the old Dixie Yarns Cotton Mill. Folks, this is Saxapahaw. It’s the perfect mesh of Belgian-style brewing and southern Carolina charm. We’re in the heart of Saxapahaw, just around the corner from the Haw River BallroomThe Eddy Pub and the Saxapahaw General Store, where Saxapahavians gather for food, drink and good conversation. When choosing our location, there was no other choice. Our 3000 square feet of space houses a 10-barrel system with lots of extras. It’s just big enough to keep up with demand, but nimble enough to let us do more creative things with hops, malt, different yeasts and tons of fresh, local ingredients—supported by friends in our Farmhand Exchange program.


What is a Saison?- Saison is a French/Belgian style of ale that was brewed in the winter season and stored for the summer months. Brewing in the winter, before refrigeration was invented, was beneficial because airborne bacterias and other harmful spoiling agents where halted in the chilly conditions. These beers were often lower in alcohol–at about 3%–whereas today’s beers average between 5-8%.  Saisons are typically very dry, carbonated beers with sour fruit and spice-like characteristics that are perfect for food pairing adventures. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW