Beran Zinfandel

Review By Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                              Beran Zinfandel is dark purple in color with an inky red hue. The stain is very heavy on this wine and you know your teeth are going to be purple after you drink it.

On the nose, overripe strawberry and blackberry with subtle vanilla and oak nuances. Ready for the palate? You better be because a fruit explosion is about to take place in your mouth.

The Beran Zinfandel has big blackberry and strawberry jam on the front of the palate with a full body mouthfeel. The mid-palate is where the magic happens. subtle licorice and cocoa powder with subtle hints of marshmallow flow through the mouth and coat your teeth and cheeks.

The finish is very lengthy and chewy…HOLD ON HOLD ON! Don’t let me lose you on this. This little beast has balance and a little finesse even though it appears to be a monster. The Beran Zinfandel is like Mr T.; it comes across as mean and intense but it is a big teddy bear (that could rip your head of if it wanted to).

Low acidity, low tannin, and high alcohol make this wine as dangerous as Mr T. You can joke around with it/him but if you take it too far, he will knock your ass out. Fun wine that is above the standard and although it is jammy and intense it is classy and will be welcomed at any table as a standard representation of the American grape. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Review – 92 points

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Dryness Level





Wine Selection – Beran Zinfandel (The Bear)

Producer – Cooper Cane Wine and Provisions 

Wine Maker – John Lopez

Style –  Dry red blend, jammy and soft 

Varietals – Zinfandel

Region – Sonoma, Napa, Amador County, and Mendocino County, California USA 

Alcohol – 15.1%

Oak – Not listed but there is definitely a good percentage of New American oak

Food Pairing – Hamburgers, wet ribs, pizza, meatballs, anytime 

What is Zin

Zinfandel is often referred to as Zin; in Italy it is known as Primitivo. It is a descendant of the Croatian grape, Crljenak. Zin came to the US in the early 1800s and made its notable bottle debut at the California State Fair in 1858. It is now considered America’s grape varietal. Taste characteristics from Zins are typically big dark red and black fruits, dry cocoa, vanilla, with other oak nuances. These wines are often full bodied, rich, and high in alcohol content, with low acidity and low tannin. They pair very well with wet BBQ, pizza, and burgers or simply all by themselves. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW  

From the Winery

Beran Zinfandel – The Bear – is forever a figure of strength and head-strong drive. With the same power and conviction our Zinfandels are grown and crafted without compromise.


For Beran (pronounced ‘baron’), we rely on new vineyards along with old-vine plantings. We are honored to work with some of the most world renowned multi-generation Zin growers in Sonoma County, Napa Valley, Mendocino County, the desolate Sierra foothills of Amador County and other notable Zin regions. For instance, the Saini family has been growing Zinfandel in the Dry Creek Valley since 1917, and the Foppianos have been Sonoma County growers since 1896. On the new side is the dramatic Shannon Ridge Home Ranch in Lake County where a 15-year-old vineyard has been planted at elevations of 2,100 to 2,500 feet in lean, rocky and volcanic soil. Many of our growers’ vineyards are certified sustainable or certified organic.