Take Five Red Wine

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier

The Take Five red is a dark, inky purple wine. Moderate aromas at first but as the wine opens up in a decanter, the aromas become easier to identify. Aromas of blackberry, layered with soft vanilla, buttermilk pie, custard, and dusty earth terroir.

The wine has a full body mouthfeel that delivers very fresh black fruit at the front of the palate followed by a soft touch of custard on the mid palate. The finish has a mineral thing going on that reminds me of glittering mica in a riverbed. Not that I have ever tasted mica but I imagine that when I taste the wine. This characteristic really softens as the wine decants.

The Take Five has medium tannin and medium acidity with a medium finish. I would totally recommend taking five minutes (or longer) to decant before enjoying this wine. The Take Five opens up beautifully and decanting brings another dimension to the wine tasting experience. While you wait you can enjoy the beautiful bottle art by Sean Colgin and you can read the story of this wine below, or read more about decanting. Cheers !

Tansey’s Blind Review 86 Points

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The Break Down


Dryness Level





Wine Selection –  Take Five

Producer – Bruce Patch  

Style –  Big Red 

Varietals – 50% merlot, 20% syrah, 18% malbec, 8% sangiovese and 4% petit verdot 

Region – Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County, California 

Alcohol – 15.5%

Oak – 30 months in French and American oak 

Case Production – 200 Cases Produced

Food Pairing – Steak, beef stew, duck, chocolate raspberry tart

The story behind the wine.

Bruce Patch found wine through a series of life events, rather than just being born into it. This is typical for many winemakers in the New World and that is perhaps why I love wine so much. There are just so many intriguing stories behind all the different wineries, and this one is no different. Bruce Patch was a long time player in the music industry (sounds like Charles Smith!). He helped discover “The Cars,”  the band behind the song “You’re Just What I Needed”. He also produced and composed several Doo Wop tracks and albums.

Bruce Patch is originally from Boston, but of course found his place out west like so many other winemakers. I think this is a big part of the wine life. Some of the biggest players in the industry, Jason Woodbridge, Reynolds Family, Charles Smith, etc… came from very ordinary walks of life and found their way into the novel, vast, and mysterious world of wine. I cannot think of another product that attracts this kind of culture.

Bruce Patch took his producing skills and marketing skills to start his own wine distribution company, which focused on smaller, independent boutique wineries in Sonoma. He then took that experience and all that he learned from it and began to dabble as a negociant. (This is a French concept where basically leftover juice from a variety of sources is purchased and blended together to create good wine.)

Working as a negociant brought him to where he is today, buying grapes from amazing vineyards and producing high quality and very affordable wines from those grapes. These wines are truly boutique level, made in small quantities, and when you find them at your local wine shop you really must give them a try! They might be just what you needed…Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW, Somm1

From Bruce Patch

Take Five was inspired by one of the most performed jazz tunes of all time, Dave Brubeck’s legendary song of the same name. This wine was blended from five grapes — 50% merlot, 20% syrah, 18% malbec, 8% sangiovese and 4% petit verdot — sourced from five select Sonoma Valley vineyards. Aged 30 months in French and American oak. Bottled in July, 2015.  http://www.brucepatch.com/product/Take-Five