Charles and Charles Dry Rose

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier 
The Charles and Charles Dry Rose is a beautiful, Hello Kitty pink color with popping aromas of pink lemonade powder and underripe strawberry. On the Charles and Charles Dry Rose is very refreshing and all things dry rosé. Subtle red fruit characteristics intertwined with Maraschino cherry and strawberry limeade. Imagine squeezing the top part of the strawberry that is slightly pink in color right next to the green leaves on top, and making a juice from that. That is what this wine is like. High acidity mixed with the top halves of ripened strawberries.

I hope I am painting an accurate picture for you because it is important to understand that these wines are NOT SWEET wines, they are dry and very refreshing. This is what we call summer in a glass. These wines are perfect for tailgating, grilling, picnicking, beaching, and camping. Do not let this summer pass by without trying a dry rosé. This wine happens to be a great price and it is rather easy to find. Give it a try and take a look at our Hot Dog Blog for a great recipe and pairing.

Tansey’s Blind rating – 88 Points

Wine Spectator (2014) Top 100 Value – 89 Points

Wine Enthusiast BEST VALUE (2013) – 90 Points 

Dryness Level

Wine Selection – Charles and Charles Dry Rose  

Producer – Charles Smith, Charles Bieler

Vintage – 2015

Varietals – Syrah (61%), Mourvedre (12%), Grenache (10%), Cabernet Sauvignon (7%), Cinsault (7%), Counoise (3%).

Region –  Columbia Valley Washington 

Alcohol – 12.2%

Food Pairing – Hot dogs, pork tenderloin, cheese, salads, chicken, seafood

What is a Dry Rosé

Dry rosé is red wine that has only sat with its grape skins for a short period of time. Most grapes, red and white, are actually white on the inside. The wine obtains its color by allowing the juice to sit with the skins during what is called the “maceration period”. Rosé can be made with any red wine grape varietals–Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, etc. These are lighter bodied, dry wines with subtle red fruit taste characteristics, very little tannin, and less acidity than most white wines. They are a lot of fun during the hot summer months, as they are typically served chilled, and pair so well with most summertime food. Don’t be afraid of the pink. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW

From the Winery- Bielerandsmith.Com #RoseAllDay  

I know I say it each year but it’s really true that this is the most complete Rosé we’ve made to date, period. The aromatic lift, balance of fruit, minerality and herbal complexity has never been so in tune. A big reason for the jump in complexity is this is the first vintage in which we’ve sourced fruit exclusively from vineyards devoted to our Rosé program, and not one vineyard from which we also source fruit for our Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah blend. The characteristics that we look for in Syrah for Rosé, for example, are quite different than what we look for in the red wine blend. With the Rosé, we strive for a long hang time to develop flavor, but with low alcohol and ripeness. We invite the tension of a touch of herbal and under ripe notes, a profile we don’t at all want for the red wine blend. Aromas of cherry, wild raspberry, blood orange, rhubarb, salt and Herbs de Provence carry over to the palate, where you also pick up some nice minerality. There is a broad palate that leads nicely into a bright acidity that builds as it refreshes. The color is a pale yet vibrant fuchsia pink. Charles and Charles Dry Rose.