Cherry Tart Pinot Noir

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW                                                                                                                         The Cherry Tart Pinot Noir is burgundy red in color, with a medium stain. Powerful aromas of black cherry, raspberry, vanilla, and a buttered popcorn kernel thing going on as well.

On the palate the wine is fruit driven with ripe cherry and raspberry characteristics. Cherry Tart Pinot Noir is juicy and Fruit Roll-up-ish up front but quickly gains balance as the soft vanilla cuts the fruit and adds a warming depth and body to the wine.

It is like the new “healthy” style fruit roll-ups–they are fruity, but only for a second. This wine is silky and sensual and is a perfect first date wine. A definite crowd pleaser in today’s market with medium plus body, little acidity, big fruit, and higher alcohol content. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 89 Points 

Wine Spectator – 87 Points 

Wine Enthusiast – 87 Points

Dryness Level

Wine Selection – Cherry Tart 

Producer/Wine makers – Cherry Pie Wines, Jayson Woodbridge  

Vintage – 2013

Varietal – Pinot Noir

Style- Fruit driven, soft, medium-boded red wine

Region – 42% Monterey County, 36% Sonoma Coast, 23% Santa Barbara County, CA. USA

Oak – 100% French Oak, 20% New Oak

Alcohol – 13%

Recommended Glassware – Riedel Burgundy Glass or Riedel Pinot Noir Glass

Food Paring – Stuffed flounder, chicken, turkey, Aunt Martine’s Pork Tenderloin. 

Perfect wine education moment!

Here are two wines that are the same varietal, from the same country, but from two different regions and thus were created with very unique wine making styles. Try this at home with your favorite wine buddies. I am going to lay this out Big Bird to Cookie Monster style for ya.

1. Pour everybody two glasses of wine (half pours) at the same time. Each person should have two glasses of wine in front of them. Do not taste the wine yet.

  • A to Z Pinot Noir $18-20
  • Cherry Tart Pinot Noir $20

2. Look at the color of each wine. Which is more of a brownish red? Which is darker and has a deeper red color? A to Z is lighter and the Cherry Tart is much deeper red.

3. Now smell the wine. Which one has an aroma of vanilla? Cherry Tart has this aroma. This is caused by new American oak barrel aging. 

4. Ask them to revisit the aroma of the A to Z. Does this wine have a more earthy aroma to it like wet leaves and soil along with cherry?

5. Taste the Cherry Tart. Really swish it around on your palate, similarly to the way you would rinse with Scope.

6. Taste the A to Z in the same manner.

7.  Discuss the difference in wine making styles.

  • A to Z is made with an emphasis on farming, with high focus on the way the fruit is cared for in the vineyard. When it is time for the grapes to be turned into wine, the winemaker is barely involved with manipulating the grapes and actually tries to make the juice taste like the fruit.
  • The makers of Cherry Tart took a more soft and layered approach. First you will see the darker color, you will taste the vanilla and Christmas-like spices in the wine. You will notice the wine is thicker. Think about the consistency of the wine. Cherry Tart is more like whole milk while A to Z is like 2%.

Explain that both wines are great wines, but made in two very different styles suggest. One may be better for food, while the other may be better for just sipping on the porch. Enjoy both wines and enjoy your company. Cheers!



While walking through a new vineyard for his now famous Cherry Pie Single-Vineyard Pinot Noir, Winemaker Jayson Woodbridge was struck with a new concept: applying his “micro fermentation” technique used on Cherry Pie to create a three vineyard, multi-regional blend. Utilizing the unique taste and flavor profiles of three distinct vineyards, we combined our artisan micro winemaking approach of its namesake Cherry Pie, small individual lots are micro fermented in puncheon barrels. The result: Cherry Tart redefines artisan Pinot Noir.