Chiare Blanc de Blanc

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier    

The color of Chiare Blanc de Blanc is a light, golden straw. Moderate plus aromas of red apple and underripe strawberry. On the palate, the Chiare Blanc de Blanc is crisp and fruity (not sweet) with a light to medium bodied mouthfeel. Frothy, fat bubbles that are as festive as they are elegant.

Red apple jumps out immediately on the front of the palate. The high acidity cuts the red apple and paves the way for the dusty terroir-like finish. The Chiare Blanc de Blanc has a little of that crabapple-like tannin that you get when you pick one fresh from the tree.

Fantastic balance of fruit and acidity makes this wine a definite crowd pleaser. I never would have guessed that this wine was so inexpensive. Perfect sparkling wine for any celebration. Classy label, great wine, phenomenal price! Cheers.

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 91 points – 86 Points 

The Break Down

Dryness level

Selection – Chiare Blanc de Blanc 

Region – Monterey County, California 

Vintage – 3024

Varietal – Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Riesling 

Dryness level Extra Dry

Oak – No oak 

Style – Sparkling wine, cannot be called Champagne because it is not from the Champagne region of France

Method – Charmat Method 

Alcohol – 12%

Food Pairings – Baked or grilled seafood, stuffed clams, chicken, salad

The story of the wine 

On the Aldi Blog

November 16, 2015 – Last week, we explored the Sonoma Coast to learn more about Broken Clouds Chardonnay, but today we’re visiting Monterey County, California where our Chiare Blanc de Blancs are cultivated. From weather to bottle production, learn how our wine goes from vineyard to your local ALDI.

Growing Region & ClimatePhoto: Michael Troutman/
Monterey County is ideal for growing white wine grapes because of the cool nights and moderate days.  The cool nights are extremely beneficial for Pinot Blanc, allowing it to retain its natural acidity. Monterey has a wonderful coastal influence that ensures flavor development happens evenly, ensuring all berries have the same characteristics.

The 2014 vintage of the Chiare Blanc de Blancs is one of the highest qualities you can purchase. Because the climate was very dry with little rain, it led to a well-concentrated blend of flavors.

Wine Production
Pinot Blanc is typically the first grape to come off the vine – picked around 21 Brix (or sugar level). The Riesling and Muscat hang longer on the vine to ensure they’ve reached full maturity, maximizing their beautiful aromas. The grapes are picked at a lower brix to ensure the sparkling wine has modest alcohol content.

Once the grapes are removed from the wine, they are whole-clustered pressed into stainless steel tanks for primary fermentation – which is when the juice from the grapes is turned into alcohol. Then, this is blended before undergoing secondary fermentation using the Charmat method – bottling under pressure. By adding small amounts of Riesling into the blend, exotic notes of pineapple peak through, while the inclusion of Muscat contributes aromas of honeysuckle and apricots.

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