Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                                            

Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc is a pale, straw colored wine, clear and day bright. Powerful aromas that are very fruity and floral. Fresh spring flowers, nectarine, a dab of honey, followed up by a little wet stone.

On the palate, the Dark Horse is a light bodied wine that is crisp and refreshing. Fruit and green earth combine perfectly in this must-try summer delight! Loads of acidic and tart flavors that finish dry yet fruity, making this my number one pick for this summer! Nectarine, green melon, fresh cut grass, loads of lime zest, wet stone and a subtle dab of honey on the finish.

I called this wine blindly as a Viognier and I gave it 90+ Points. When I saw that this wine was Dark Horse…. I nearly lost my mind. Seriously… mind blown! When Ashleigh said this wine was on sale at Food Lion for $8.99…. I left for the store and bought what was left on the shelf. I drank it all weekend while camping with my sons. Perfect wine at a perfect price! P.S. This is our 101st Review !!!!!! What a grand way to break 100 !

Tansey’s Blind Review – 91 Points

The Tasting Panel – 92 Points

Dark Horse – 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Double Gold, Best of Class, Best of California AVA, 2016 Harvest Challenge.  November 2016.

The Break Down

Dryness level

Wine Selection –  Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc 

Producer –  Dark Horse Wines

Vintage – 2016

Varietal – Sauvignon Blanc, Simillion, Albariño

Style – Dry white wine

Region – Claifornia

Alcohol – 13%

Wine Maker- Beth Liston 

Food Pairing- Try this very simple recipe from Ashleigh Tansey, http://tanseyreviews.com/2016/07/23/steamed-mussels/

What is Sauvignon Blanc? 

Sauvignon Blanc, also known as Fume Blanc in the United states, is a bright green grape varietal that typically produces dry white wines with bright and crisp acidity and citrus and grass characteristics. The grape is indigenous to southwest France and is now grown in many different regions of the world including New Zealand, America, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia. It is also used in the coveted sweet wines of Sauternes, in Bordeaux, France. These wines are crisp and refreshing and perfect for summertime lunch breaks and soft cheeses. Cheers. Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier

From  The Winery

Our Sauvignon Blanc loves bringing the chill to warm-weather meals like grilled fish and fresh, summer salads. But it’ll also make you think twice about what kind of wine can stand up to a powerful pesto or anything with a spicy kick. http://www.darkhorsewine.com/wines/sauvignon-blanc#