Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier
The color of the Devils Backbone Vienna Lager is a beautiful bronze and mostly opaque with a pearly white, two finger head. Funky aromas of pipe tobacco and Hersey’s Chocolate Syrup.

On the palate the Devils Backbone Vienna Lager has a medium bodied mouth feel with golden, biscuity yeast. Subtle dried apricot and black cherry fruit characteristics with a light sweetness from the malt on the mid-palate. The sweetness from the light malt and the dried fruit, together make a complex and interesting beer that is not only fun to just simply drink, but to also pair with an array of foods.

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Tansey’s Blind Rating – 88 Points

Draft Magazine – 92 Points

Beer Advocate – 87 Points


Beer Selection – Devils Backbone Vienna-Style Lager

Producer – Devils Backbone Brewing Company 

Style- Vienna Lager

Hops – Norther Brewer, Saaz

Malts – Vienna, Pilsner, Dark Munich, Caramel Malts

Yeast – Unknown

Alcohol – 5.2%

Food Pairing – BBQ Wings, grilled meats and veggies, mild cheese

What is a Vienna Lager?

Vienna Lager dates back to 1841 when brewer Anton Dreher of Vienna Austria, decided to make a pale lager–a beer with the crispness of a lager but the malted characteristics of a English brown ale. The style migrated from Austria when a group of Austrians, for whatever reason, migrated to Mexico in the 19th century. The beer quickly became popular in North America, pre-prohibition era, hence why it is sometimes referred to as “Pre-Prohibition Lager.” The beer is slowly making a comeback here in the U.S. but is still not so popular in Europe. As the craft beer craze continues to pick up momentum, I am sure it will catch on in more and more markets. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier 

From the Brewery 

Our Vienna Lager is a style we’ve brewed since we opened our doors at Basecamp.  It was the first beer we bottled and it is family to us!  We use a combination of Northern Brewer and Saaz hops with Vienna, Pilsen, Dark Munich and Caramel malts and allow five weeks for the lagering process so the flavors can fully develop.  Mild, Toasted, Caramel. Basecamp Favorites represent our core brewing principles: balance, approachability and trueness to style.