Domaine de Montrabech

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                 The Domaine de Montrabech is a clear, pale straw color and is quite bright. On the nose, aromas of lemon zest and chalk. There is not a whole lot going on with the nose other than that. On the palate the Domaine de Montrabech has a very light bodied mouth feel. The tart lemon hits the tongue and quickly fades to mineral and chalk.

This is what I call a “no brainer” wine. The Domaine de Montrabech is a low priced, high quality, very versatile wine that pairs very well from spring till fall and is a great daytime wine, beach wine, lawn care wine, and foodie wine. This is that wine you keep in the fridge for when “that one” neighbor just drops in and ask for a glass of Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay…We all have that neighbor. Well, treat her to this and don’t tell her the price. She will think you like her even more. Cheers !

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 86 Points

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Dryness level

Selection – Domaine de Montrabech (Pronounced mon-rah-besh)

Region – Pays d’oc (Pay-ee-dok)

Vintage – 2013

Varietal – 55% Gernache Blanc, Muscat Petits Grains

Style/Method – Dry white wine 

Alcohol – 11.5%

What is the Languedoc Roussillon? Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-111

The Languedoc-Roussillon (pronounced Lang-dock – Rue-see-own) is considered the true South of France. The region is probably the most historically enriched place in all of Europe. This wine region was influenced by the Greeks in 600 BC, the Celts in 400 BC, the Romans in 60 BC, and on and on until now. Located southeast of Rhone and Provence, this region produces more wine than any other region in France.  There are many great bangs for the buck coming from this region. So if you see Languedoc-Roussillon on the bottle, it’s probably worth every penny. Cheers!

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