Dynamite Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                  

The color of the Dynamite Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is a light ruby purple. The Dynamite Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon has a very moderate nose with black cherry, blueberry, and un-popped popcorn-ish aromas. On the palate the wine is fruit forward, but it’s flabby fruit. Like a flat soda or that watered down grape juice you give to your kids–that is the “fruit” coming from this wine. The tannins are medium with medium acidity, leaving the wine without structure and balance. The finish is a bit like a copper penny, like unbalanced alcohol. This wine to me is like that kid in the Christmas Play that plays Joseph every year. They put him there because he is a good kid but he can’t sing or act or dance or…. you get what I am saying. He is good enough to be onstage but his part is only special to a select few in the crowd…like his parents…and since this wine is not my child I am looking at the other kids on stage because they can dance! That said, this wine has its place so if it’s all you’ve got then just grab some brie and some crackers, stuff some mushrooms and serve it up. People won’t hate it. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 79 Points 

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Dryness Level

Wine Selection – Dynamite Cabernet Sauvignon 13

Producer – Dynamite Vineyards

Vintage – 2013

Varietal – Cabernet Sauvignon

Region – North Coast, California

Alcohol – 13.5%

Food Pairing – Blackened steak, burgers, grilled meats, lasagna

What I really think about this wine 


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The plot thickens –  This wine does not even have a website attached to it! This is, to date, the hardest wine I have researched, with very little information about it on the web. This, to me, stirs up a lot of questions and shows that this is just juice in a bottle, with a catchy name and the art work on the bottle doing all the work. This wine also started out in the early 2000s with a bright and colorful label that was very popular at the time and now it has a more refined label that looks a lot better. I think if they cared at all they would spend less time and care on the label and more time and care on what’s inside the bottle. I think if this wine was something special to someone (i.e. a winemaker or farmer), then they would at least have a Facebook, webpage, or write up to tell people about it. Kinda disappointed all the way around on this one and that does not happen very often.

What is Cabernet Sauvignon?

Cabernet Sauvignon is considered one of the most common and popular red wine grape varietals in the world. The grape itself is a crossing of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc and is native to the Bordeaux region of northwest France. The varietal produces wines that are dark red in color with dark berry fruit characteristics as well as more complex earthy characteristics. These wines are considered to be dry wines with heavy tannins. “Tannins” present more as a feeling than anything else and are caused by phenolic compounds found naturally in the grape. The sensation you get on the palate from tannins is that feeling of having your lips pucker and the sides of your mouth dry out. This feeling is often found in sour green apples, dark cocoa, and coffee. Eric Tansey, CSW