Finca El Origen Linea Reserva

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW , Sommelier                                                                                                                     Finca El Origen Linea Reserva has aromas of strawberry, black cherry, oak, black pepper and green grass. On the palate, the big black and red fruit characteristics flood the mouth, giving the wine a full bodied mouth feel. Cassis and strawberry stand out the most on the front of the palate with raisin, earth, tobacco, and black pepper on the mid palate. The finish is long, as the jammy fruit sticks to the teeth and sides of the mouth. Easy drinking wine that should be a crowd pleaser with very recognizable fruit and earth flavors.

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 89 points

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The Break Down

Dryness Level

Wine Selection –  Linea Reserva

Producer – Finca El Origen

Wine Maker – Gonzalo Bertelsen

Style – Dry red wine

Region – Valley De Ucco  Tunuyan Mendoza Argentina (Northwest Argentina, south of Tupungato)

Varietals –  100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Alcohol – 14.2%

Food Pairing – Ribs, BBQ pork, Pizza, after dinner with friends. Try this wine with this recipe by Ashleigh Tansey

Where is the Valley De Ucco?

The Valle De Ucco is located within the larger region of Mendoza Argentina, just at the base of the Andes Mountains along the Tunuyan River. It is considered one of the best wine regions in Argentina. With altitudes well above 3000 feet, Alluvial soil that is naturally irrigated by the Andes, long growing seasons and ever changing, extreme climate changes, this region is an ideal location for fine wine. These wines are concentrated from the warm sunny days yet balanced out with higher acidity from the cool nights and mornings, giving them unique complexities. As this region is still rather new to the American market, the prices are still very competitive and great deals are easy to find. Happy hunting. Cheers!