Yeti Imperial Stout

The color of Yeti Imperial Stout is black as night. It pours thick and has a very pretty, mocha brown head at about 2 fingers. Highly aromatic beer, with roasted malts, coffee, and dark soil aromas lifting from the glass. On the palate the beer seems to have more of a medium body mouth feel, but the beer grows quickly on the palate into a much more full bodied experience.

The Yeti Imperial Stout is a complex beer with an enormous amount of flavor. The roasted malts give the beer a crispy chocolate chip cookie-like characteristic–you know, the kind of cookies that are almost burned, but you got them out of the oven just in time.  Subtle hints of coffee, cocoa, and toasted marshmallow layer the beer as the fruitiness from the American hops begins to cut through the bitterness from the drier, earthier characteristics on the finish. The finish has a bit of a bourbon characteristic which is a common occurrence in higher alcohol brews. The immense amount of warming flavors in this beer make it perfect for that cold, rainy or snowy day. Cheers

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 95 Points

2014 “Top Beer in Colorado”

RateBeer – 100 Points

Beer Advocate – 94 P0ints

The Break Down


Beer Selection –  Yeti Imperial Stout

Producer – Great Divide Brewing Company

Region – Denver, Colorado

Style – Imperial Stout

Hops – American

Malts – Unknown

Yeast – Unknown

Preferred Glassware- Snifter

Alcohol – 9.5%

IBU International Bittering Units – 75

Food Pairing –  Crème Brûlée,Chocolate Raspeberry Tart

What is an Imperial Stout?

Imperial stouts are beefed up Stouts, which in turn, are simply beefed up Porters. Made with roasted malts and barley, these beers are high in alcohol content at about 8% and above. Characteristics often include dry chocolate, earth, bitter black coffee, tobacco, and licorice. These beers are great for aging and will often mellow out and become more balanced over time. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW.

From the Brewery

YETI IMPERIAL STOUT  is an onslaught of the senses. It starts with big, roasty malt flavor that gives way to rich caramel and toffee notes. YETI gets its bold hop character from an enormous quantity of American hops. It weighs in at a hefty 75 IBUs.


2005 Great American Beer Festival, Silver Medal, Imperial Stout

2008 Great American Beer Festival, Bronze Medal, Imperial Stout

2009 Great American Beer Festival, Silver Medal, Imperial Stout

2010 BeerAdvocate “Top 100 Beers On Planet Earth,” #36

2014 “Top Beer in Colorado”


Grilled steak and leeks, rosemary potatoes au gratin, Roquefort blue cheese, crème brulee.

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