Harvest Time

 Tansey’s Blind Rating – 75 Points

Beer Advocate – 84 points 

Rate Beer – 66 Over All 


Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Somm1

This beer has a hazy orange-ish brown color and is not as pretty to look at as other beers of this style. Powerful aromas of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. The beer smells like a pumpkin wonderland. On the front of the palate the beer comes across with sweet cinnamon on the tip of the tongue but then it takes a sour turn. The beer loses all balance and comes across as soapy and leaves a water hose-like rubber taste on the finish. Its aroma had me excited but on the palate, the soapy finish was just too much.

Pumpkin Spice

Beer Selection –  Harvest Time Ale

Producer – Big Boss Brewing Company 

Region – Raleigh North Carolina 

Style – Pumpkin Ale 

IBU (International bittering units) – Unknown

Suggested Glassware – Pint Glass

Alcohol – 5.5%

Food Pairing – Pumpkin chili, herb roasted chicken, turkey and mashed potatoes


What is a pumpkin beer?  

This is the most widely expected and anticipated seasonal beer, loved by so many but also hated by those who are notorious for not dancing at weddings. Seriously, people who hate pumpkin beers are stereotypically the same people who think anything awesome is overrated. Ignore these folks and come jump into this pile of fall leaves with the cool crowd. Pumpkin beers are to fall as Corona is to summer. They are an alarm clock that informs you when fall has arrived. Like that groundhog in PA that sees his shadow or whatever. Pumpkin beers come in every style, from crisp and dry with lighter alcohol and subtle holiday spices, to straight pumpkin pie in a pint glass, full bodied and higher in alcohol content. They can be a lager, ale, porter, or stout so whatever your style is…there is a pumpkin beer out there for ya. They typically have characteristics of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, allspice, and clove. These beers are great for seeing how creative a brewery can get, and each beer has its own unique recipe so be sure to read the back of the bottle or Google the beer to get the full story of how the beer artist went about painting their masterpieces. Pairing food with these beers takes a bit of an imagination but there are a lot of awesome recipes out there. We will have some posted on the site soon so stay tuned to our Foodie Friday blogs.


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