Hendrick’s Gin

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                         Hendrick’s Gin is a seductive looking liquid with powerful aromas of rose petals and Fruit Loops cereal. Really, just use your imagination and I promise you will smell it. Serve Hendrick’s Gin as depicted on their web site and add this spirit to sparkling water garnished with a cucumber. The web site is really fascinating and worth the exploration.

Distillery – Girvan Distillery 

Selection – Hendrick’s Gin 

Master Distiller – Lesley Gracie 

Region – South Ayrshire, Scotland

Spirit – Gin 

Small Batches – 500 Liters 

Alcohol – 44% ABV

What is Gin?

Gin is a clear spirit that spawns from as far back as the middle ages. The spirit is distilled from grain or malt and then it is flavored with a whirl of spices, with juniper berries as traditionally the main flavor constituent. Great for many fantastic cocktails to include the famous Gin & Tonic or Dry Martini.

From the Web Site Hendrick’s Gin – https://us.hendricksgin.com/a-gin-made-oddlyHendrick’s Gin