Josef Weinberg Radiance Riesling

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW                                                                                                                           The Josef Weinberg Radiance Riesling is a pale golden color, clear and translucent. Moderate aromas of nectarine, lemon, and a very subtle hint of cotton candy. On the palate the wine is semi sweet with a medium-plus body. Sweet nectarine on the front of the palate followed by a small amount of pool toy-like rubber characteristics that are so often found in Riesling. The finish is unique in that it is both acidic and lively. So often, the fun part of  wine comes at the front of the palate but this wine comes alive as it heads down the hatch. This bright acidity masks the sweetness and adds a unique complexity to this $8 bottle of  wine that is often hard to find in most wines at this price point.

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 85 Points     

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Sweetness level

Selection – Josef Weinberg Radiance Riesling

Producer – Josef Weinberg  

Region – Rheinhessen  Germany 

Vintage – 2015

Varietal – 100% Riesling 

Style/Method – Semi sweet white wine 

Alcohol – 9.5%

Food Pairings – Spicy Asian cuisine, sushi, baked brie with honey, teriyaki chicken



Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-208Riesling Show Down 

So we invited my mother-in-law over for a Riesling show down. My mother-in-law is not new to the wine world and in fact some of the best wines I have ever had have been enjoyed in her presence, thanks to her palate. She just so happens to have an affinity for Riesling. So the three of us blind tasted three Rieslings under ten dollars, however my mother-in- law and I did not know the price point. My wife bagged up three bottles of Riesling that she had picked out herself. We tasted the wines, we took notes, we scored those wines, and we had a great time doing it. So here is how it went down.

The wines that my wife picked out for this tasting were all from the grocery store and were all big brand wines or wines that virtually everyone in world can find without much effort and all three wines were under $10, to make it easy and inexpensive for anyone who wants to try this tasting.

-Scores- Tansey-reviews-wine-beer-spirits-large-product-image-1-203

My Mother-in-law’s picks 

First Place- Chateau St Michelle

Second place – Josef Weinberg Radiance Riesling

Third Place – Schmitt Sohne

Eric’s picks- 

First place- Josef Weinberg Radiance Riesling

Very close second–  Chateau St Michelle

Third Place- Schmitt Sohne

Ashleigh’s Picks-

First Place- Chateau St Michelle

Second place – Josef Weinberg Radiance Riesling

Third Place – Schmitt Sohne


This was a very fun tasting and though we had to rate them for the sake of this blog, all of the wines were consumed happily. Here is the thing. A lot of big brand, grocery store white wines are boring and bland, or are so concentrated and oak-influenced that they come across as fake wine. Rieslings are so much fun and they can bring a lot of joy in this price range that other varietals like Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay simply cannot. I really urge you to give this a try. In this scenario, the Chateau St. Michelle is considered to be a semi-dry Riesling, the Radiance is a semi-sweet Riesling, and the Schmitt Sohne is a sweeter Riesling. So find your style, take a pic and share it with us. We are dying to know how you enjoy your Riesling. Cheers !