Carignan Empedrado Trequilemu

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                           The Carignan Empedrado Trequilemu is a Fantastic wine with a fantastic story, label, and price. It is so neat to taste a wine completely blind, rate it highly, and then, when the bottle is unveiled, find out that the wine is truly amazing in every aspect. To me, this is the equivalent of hitting a home run in baseball, or scoring a try in rugby.
Carignan Empedrado Trequilemu is a dark purple wine. On the nose, the wine is abundantly fresh with aromas of dried rose petals, ripened cherries and elderberry, earthy and intriguing aromas that are inviting, leaving the palate begging for a taste.

In the mouth, the Carignan Empedrado Trequilemu has a medium body mouthfeel and is “old world” in style. This wine had me fooled for a fine Chianti Classico or maybe even a Brunello from Italy. I never would have called it as Chilean! Rose petal and floral characteristics lend a hand to the juicy dark and red fruits that bounce off the front of the palate.

From the first moment you taste this wine you can tell that it is organic by it’s fresh and clean mouthfeel.  The natural fruit inside this terroir-driven wine leaves natural beauty and elegance on the palate. It is like my wife without make up, just coming in from her early morning watering in the greenhouse…stunning and pure with a little grit. Bright and flashy acidity flicker on the finish while the more floral characteristics tend to linger on with just a hint of black licorice, that is ever so subtly, knocking on the door but not quite making its entrance. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Review – 91 Points

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Dryness Level


Wine Selection – Louis Antoine Luyt Empedrado Trequilemu Carignan

Producer – Louis-Antoine Luyt

Vintage – 2012

Varietal – Carignan

Region – Trequilemu Maule, Chile

Style – Dry, earthy red wine. All natural, organic farming.

Alcohol – 13.5%

Food Paring – London broil, flank steak, venison, bison.


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