Luigi Bosca Malbec 2013

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW,Sommelier                                                                                                                        The Luigi Bosca is a very dark purple, opaque with a heavy stain on the glass. Very powerful and delightful aromas that start out savory with strong bacon fat aromas that fade to intense red fruit characteristics like raspberry and strawberry as the wine opens up in the glass. As you get your nose deep into the glass you can really detect mocha and Kit Kat bar. Really lovely aromas that are warming and soothing.

On the front of the palate the Luigi Bosca has a very full body with luscious, ripe strawberry and raspberry jam. The mid palate brings mocha, hazelnut, and chocolate much like a Kit Kat bar. The wine has a shorter finish with low tannins and low acidity. Very fruit driven wine that borders on being an oak bomb and a jam fest, but the wine does not quite reach either atrocity, making it…very hard to rate.

I was torn between 88 or 91 points. This may to date have been the hardest wine to blindly rate. I knew it was Malbec and the aromas were amazing. The palate was so big at first that I wrote it off as a jam fest but it settled down and did not quite reach that level.

As I swished the wine in my mouth I began to taste the obvious oak, but again I was not overpowered by new world vanilla that often masks fruit and is usually used to mask bad fruit. In the case of this wine, the fruit is the star of the show and the fruit is very good, to mask that would be blasphemy. The obvious oak scared me and mildly disappointed me because I felt the wine was really nice and elegant.

It lacked a little backbone, which I believe is due to the amount of malolactic fermentation created in the oak barrels. It bordered perfection with its amazing fruit qualities but fell short with its lack of backbone and that killed it for me. I am sticking with 88 points.

Tansey’s Blind Review – 88 Points

Wine Spectator – 91 Points 

James Suckling – 93 Points for 2012

Wine Spectator Top 100 wines of 2015

The Break Down

Dryness Level


Wine Selection – Luigi Bosca Malbec  

Producer – Luigi Bosca 

Wine Maker – Jose Irrera/Vicente Garzia 

Varietals – 100% Malbec 

Region – Finca la linda vineyard is a single source vineyard in the D.O.C of Lujan de Cuyo in the larger Mendoza region of Argentina

Alcohol – 14%

Oak – 14 months in new French oak

Food Pairing – Roast lamb, wet ribs, pasta with intense sauces

Let’s have some fun

I am one man’s palate and it seems that others have greatly appreciated the Luigi Bosca Malbec 2013 and have called it as “top 100”. I am curious as to what you think about this wine. Seek it out, take some pictures with it, and then share your thoughts below and post your pic on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram and we will send you a big treat. Cheers!

What is Malbec

Malbec is a purple colored grape varietal that is most commonly associated with Argentina, but its roots are actually in France. One story claims that the grape was brought to France by a Hungarian peasant but others suggest it was born in Burgundy. It is one of the five allowed grapes to be used in Bordeaux blends and most prevalent in the Cahors region of France where it is called Auxerrois (Pronounced oh-zur-waa). The grape has thin skin and after it was nearly driven to extinction by frost and disease in France, it was brought to Argentina where it came back like the gators in Florida (the animal, not the team). It is now the staple grape of Argentina.

From the winery 

Luigi Bosca Malbec D.O.C is a violet colored wine with elegant aromas of cherries, ripe plums and quince, in addition to some spiced notes and others reminiscent of mocha. Strong presence of sweet and soft tannins, compact volume, and a mouth finish that brings memories of graphite and undergrowth.