Quimay Malbec 2013

Tansey’s Blind Review – 90 Points

Wine Enthusiast – 90 Points 

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW

This wine is dark purple with a deep red hue to the outer edge. Powerful aromas of  blackberry and blueberry with a little black licorice, and just a touch of vanilla on the nose as well. Big, ripe, juicy black fruits lead the charge on this wine and believe me, it is juicy. Blackberry on the front of the palate with subtle hints of licorice and black pepper on the mid-palate. The finish is well structured with bright acidity, medium plus tannins, and lingering blackberry characteristics that stick to your teeth and your breath. This wine borders on jammy but stops just shy, leaving you with a very nice wine at a great price point. Cheers !


What is Malbec ?

Malbec is a purple colored grape varietal that is most commonly associated with Argentina, but its roots are actually in France. One story claims that the grape was brought to France by a Hungarian peasant but others suggest it was born in Burgundy. It is one of the five allowed grapes to be used in Bordeaux blends and most prevalent in the Cahors region of France where it is called Auxerrois (Pronounced oh-zur-waa). The grape has thin skin and after it was nearly driven to extinction by frost and disease in France, it was brought to Argentina where it came back like the gators in Florida (the animal, not the team). It is now the staple grape of Argentina.

Dryness Level


Wine Selection – Quimay  

Producer – Quimay 

Varietals – Malbec 

Region – Neuquen, Argentina

Alcohol – 14%

Oak – Unknown

Food Pairing – Steak, grilled kabobs, grilled veggies and beef, burgers, soft mild cheeses 



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