Raging Blonde Ale

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW                                                                                                                         The color of the Raging Blonde Ale is a dark, golden, honey with a medium head. Aromas of malt, caramel and subtle hints of pineapple. On the palate, the beer has a medium body mouth feel, making it feel creamy and abundant. The beer has a great balance of malt and hops with characteristics of malt, honey, and biscuit-y yeast characteristics.

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 92 points

Rate Beer- 90 Points



Beer Selection –  Raging Blonde

Producer – Veterans United Craft Brewery

Hops – Cascade, Centennial

Malts – **Malt oriented from website 

Alcohol – 5.2%

IBU- 23

**unknown malts

From the Brewery 

Raging Blonde is a malt-oriented golden blonde ale that pushes the boundaries of the style with generous late kettle additions of Cascade and Centennial hops. The result is a knockout beer featuring a riveting hop flavor without the associated bitterness. Quench your thirst by making this your go to blonde.http://www.vubrew.com/our-beer/

What is a Blonde Ale? 

Blonde ales are super approachable beers. They do not often offer worlds of fruity flavors but they do offer loads of refreshment with a tad more body than, say, a lager or a pilsner. These beers are really an American creation spawned by the craft beer movement. They deliver a satisfying, thirst-quenching, dry session-like quality that is different than what we are used to. Lightly hopped, using noble hop varieties that are more neutral and dry than bitter and acidic. These beers are malt heavy and yeast is always conducting this train of refreshment. Enjoy these neutral style beers with a variety of foods and if you have a friend that is just getting on the craft beer train, this style of beer is a great beginner’s brew! Eric Tansey, CSW