Riondo Spago Nero Prosecco

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                           Bargain alert! Riondo Spago Nero Prosecco is from the northwest of Italy in the Veneto region, or the Prosecco DOC area of the Veneto region, is one of those easy picks when hosting a large group… like a wedding? This wine has a little something for everyone. Aromas of ripe green apple, and sweet yellow flowers. On the front of the palate, lots of frothy bubbles often described as fizzy or frizzante in Italy. The wine first appears sweet with fresh peaches pulled right from a Georgia peach tree, followed by a tartness–much like a Granny Smith apple–on the mid palate with a touch of honeydew on the finish. This is a “no brainer” sparkling wine at under $10. The color of the label is perfect for an autumn wedding and simple enough for any occasion. Cheers to the Riondo Spago Nero Prosecco

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 88 Points 

Wine Enthusiast – 85 Points 

Dryness level

Selection – Riondo Prosecco 

Region – Veneto, Italy 

Vintage – Non Vintage

Varietal – Glera 

Oak – Unoaked

Style – Charmat Method/ Tank Method

Suggested Glassware – Champagne Flute, Riedel Sauvignon Blanc Glass

Alcohol – 10.5%

Food Pairings – Sushi, Chinese take-out, strawberry short cake, watermelon, hard cheese




What is Prosecco? 

Prosseco is an Italian wine region that is famous for classic sparkling wines made
from the Glera Grape and sometimes blended with other minor varietals. Prosecco is located inside of the larger Veneto region in northeast Italy. Prosecco is often made using the Charmat Method, which means that the wine is begun in the same way as any other white wine but instead of bottling the wine and adding yeast and sugar to jump start another fermentation to create CO2 (bubbles), the wine is placed into a large vat and then the yeast and sugar is added, so that the secondary fermentation is completed inside of the tank. This is a much more inexpensive way of making sparkling wine, which in turn drives down the cost for you, the consumer. Eric Tansey, CSW, Somm1