Sexy Rexy Red Rye

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                  The color of the Sexy Rexy is a dark amber. I mean real amber–like the mosquito amber in Jurassic Park. It has a cloudy appearance with a tall, four finger cotton-white head. The aromas are faint and you really need a tulip style glass or sifter to be able to fully appreciate its nose. Subtle hints of green melon, green acorn, and a little Fig Newton-like aromas.

On the palate the Sexy Rexy was surprisingly lighter in body than one might expect. I thought this was going to be more of a “whole milk” mouthfeel, but it was more like “2% milk” in consistancy (not taste, but body). It was like a slightly flat soda that still has all of its sweet cola flavors, with traces of molasses and maple syrup. The beer is is so smooth and rich on the front and mid palates, but towards the back of the palate and into the finish, the beer takes on the form of a warm biscuit that nobody bothered to butter. It is this bland, biscuity characteristic that mellows out the sweetness.

Blindly, the Sexy Rexy was a lot of fun to describe and it was a lot of fun to drink. (This was another suggestion/gift from Bethany and Zach–thanks, guys!) When my wife said Double Barley, I was floored! They are now two for two at over 90 points and deserve some serious respect. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Rating – 95 Points

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Beer Selection –  Sexy Rexy

Producer – Double Barley Brewery  

Region – Smithfield, North Carolina, USA  

Style – Red Rye Ale 

IBU (International bittering units) – 40.4

Alcohol – 6.9%

Food Pairing –  BLTA (BLT + Avocado), pancakes and bacon, or French toast.

Tansey’s Food Pairing Psychology

The Sexy Rexy pairs perfectly with bacon. The subtle sweetness perfectly compliments the the saltiness bacon. Try this beer with a BLTA as described above or try it with breakfast. Think Mimosas for men…. or women…and men…that share the same bathroom? (This is a NC beer so I have to be careful not to offend anyone. There is no race, religion, or sex at the bar….OK sometimes sex happens at the bar but you know where I was going with this.) Cheers!

What is a Rye Ale?

Rye ale is any ale that uses malted rye instead of barley. These beers are often referred to as roggenbier in Eastern European Countries. The use of rye over barley first became popular in the 15th century in Bavaria but due to a few bad harvests, rye beer disappeared for nearly 500 years. From that period on, rye was only used for baking bread until the late 1980s when the beer reappeared in Bavaria. Now the beers are popping up all over the craft beer scene. RyePAs, a spin off on the IPA, is starting to appear more and more in the American Market. These beers are unique and add another layer of complexity to the hop movement. So when you get tired of the bitter, grapefruit-y hop trend, try a rye ale and explore all the things that hops can do other than making one-dimensional bitterness bombs.

What is a Red Ale?

A red ale is any ale that is not brown or dark, but copper or, you guessed it, red. Red ales are all about the malts; roasted malts, caramel malts, biscuit malts, and chocolate malts can often be found in these recipes. Mixed blends of hops are used to bring a bitterness to the rather sweeter style malts giving the beer balance. These beers are typically medium bodied beers with balanced malt and hop flavors, making them easy crowd pleasers. Cheers! Eric Tansey, CSW 


Crisp rye ale with a deep red color.  Brewed with 25% malted rye, this beer is a slightly spicy, very drinkable brew.

The Sexy Story: Sexy Rexy Red Rye is named in honor of Cheryl’s dad.  Nicknamed Sexy Rexy, Cheryl’s dad introduced her to beer for the first time.  He had a beer collection of hundreds of empty cans on custom shelves above the couch in his den – pretty classy! Rex was “old school” and loved him a red snapper.  Before he died, Cheryl was in the process of converting him to craft beer. Sexy Rexy Red Rye is smooth and charming, and a bit spicy, just like Rex.  This was brewed with the beach in mind, his favorite place!