Vinas Viejas de Paniza

Review By Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                                          

The Vinas Viejas de Paniza is a reddish brown colored wine, translucent but with a medium stain. Do not let the color of the wine fool you; this lightly colored wine brings some serious thunder. This wine reminds me of that black and blue dress that many said was white and gold…there are many different perspectives here. On the nose, some might say the wine has fruit forward aromas of  raspberry and dark cherry with a little vanilla spice. Others will say that this wine is terroir-driven with mushrooms and forest floor-like aromas. I say, yes…

On the palate the wine is earth driven but in a very elegant and almost romantic way. The wine reminds me of fresh raspberries picked right off of the bush. Beautifully made wine with firm tannin and medium acidity. The tannin and acidity combined with the vibrant fruit makes this the ultimate food pairing wine.

This wine would hold up to a steak, but is light enough to pair with venison and pork. Carnitas…yes. Grilled veggies…absolutely. This wine has so much foodie potential! The wine was also enjoyable without any food at all. This is a classic example of the new Spain. The best of new world and old world combined and after I gave this wine 91 points… I learned that it was less than $9!! Yes, I sent the wife to buy the rest in stock at our local Aldi. What a fantastic value!

This is why you must continue to explore the world of wine without bias toward price and label. This is a wine that I would spend $30 dollars for and feel like I got every penny’s worth. The fact that it costs $7.99 makes this a MUST buy wine.  Cheers to Vinas Viejas de Paniza!

Tansey’s Blind Review – 91 Points

Robert Parker – 90 Points  


Dryness Level





Wine Selection – Vinas Viejas de Paniza

Producer –  Bodegas Paniza 

Style –  Dry red wine 

Varietals – 100% Garnacha 

Region – Paniza, Carinena, Aragon, Spain

Vintage – 2012

Vines – Over 100 years old

Alcohol – 15.5%

Oak – Fermentation is done in stainless steel, the wine is then aged for 6 months in oak barrels 

Food Pairing – Steakwet ribs, carnitas, tacos, grilled veggies, venison, boar

What is this wine ?

The grape varietal used to make this wine is Garnacha. Garnacha is a red wine grape varietal that is most commonly known as Grenache in both France and the US. Garnacha was most likely born in Spain but has moved all around the globe setting up easily in any hot, dry, region with lots of sunlight. These grapes are typically grown on a bush rather than a trellis and need to be controlled so that the vines have lower yields and produce better quality fruit.

Garnacha does really well in Spain and because of the more modern winemaking techniques being used there, the wines are only getting better and better. Other notable regions are the US, France, and Australia. Grenache, as it is known in these areas, is typically blended with Syrah and Mourvedre. You may see these wines on the shelf labeled as GSM, which in fact stands for Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.

Another Grenache heavy wine to look for is from the Rhone Region of France. Chateauneuf-du-pape, located in the southern Rhone region of France, uses up to 80% or more Grenache grapes in the wine produced from that area. These wines don’t just come with quality juice, they also come with incredible stories and rich history.

Garnacha/Grenache is a great wine to help you branch out of your comfort zone and really explore some new wines. Send us an email, text, facebook message, or simply talk to your local wine guy and find the perfect Garnacha in your area. Cheers!