White Street Kolsch

Review by Eric Tansey, CSW, Sommelier                                                                                                  The White Street Kolsh is a very bright, inviting gold with a one finger white head. Powerful aromas of apricots, green melon, and fresh biscuit. On the palate, the beer is refreshing with a more medium than light bodied mouth feel and a lot of minerality and soft bread roll yeast characteristics. The finish is more floral and dry, with minimal fruit and acidity. This is a good little beer for those evenings after a long day in the yard or with all of your favorite football appetizers. Cheers!

Tansey’s Blind Review – 83 Points 

Gold Award World Beer Cup 2014


Beer Selection – White Street Kolsch

Producer – White Street Brewing Co.

Hops – Unknown

Malts – Unknown

Yeast – Unknown

Alcohol – 5.2%

IBU – 23

What is a Kolsch?

Kolsch beer originated in Cologne, Germany and really may only accurately be called Kolsch if it is from that area. However beer, like wine, in America is rather new to the beverage scene and we do not abide by the European Union laws. This is why you still may see “Champagne” on a sparkling wine bottle in the U.S. even though Champagne is actually a wine growing region in France.

We do this because it is easier to identify a style of American beer with its origin. Kolsch is a top fermented ale that is then lagered (aged). So you have minimally hopped ale that taste similar to a lager. The taste of Kolsch style beers are more similar to lagers but have more yeast or biscuit like characteristics. Very good beer for the fall or those cooler late summer evenings. Cheers! Eric Tansey,CSW



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From the Winery

The White Street Kolsch-style Ale pours an old-gold with a fine, white head. A subtle fruitiness aroma extends to the palate with hints of pear and melon. Crisp and refreshing.
2014 World Beer Cup Gold Winner